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Actionable Insights drive a productive work force

A powerful HR dashboard help you track workforce metrics in an effective and transparent way. Actionable insights on emerging trends, opportunities and potential risks in advance further enhances efficiency and foster productivity.

Leveraging AI driven data cloud capabilities for creating analytical reports and insightful dashboards using Power BI visualization, Kruxsoft delivered actionable insights through personalized and dynamic dashboards to bring managerial control on the productive work force for a leading hospitality partner resulted in enhanced operational efficiencies and increased productivity

Customer Success achieved through Self-service digital platform

Customers often rate organizations on their digital experience! Financial Institutions are striving to digitally transform customer interactions, enabling customers to get information dynamically faster from anywhere any device

Kruxsoft empowered a leading financial institution in South Asia with a customer self-service platform, that enable the customers to access various services securely. The device agnostic responsive design and comprehensive API integration to the platform allow the users to get information securely on the go.

Story board for performance review

Combining the art of storytelling with the technological capabilities of analytics and visualization tools to develop powerful, meaningful, data-backed presentations that inspire people to take action or make informed, data-driven decisions to accelerate business transformation.

Kruxsoft developed an interactive dashboard with actionable insights and descriptive analysis helped business owners to take informed and timely decisions; leverage Data Analysis and Visualization capabilities of Power BI for managerial reporting and performance review. The Solution empowered exceptional reporting and drive corrective actions. Our story board helped them to create performance review presentations with interactive visual components derived from real time data.

Turn on the power of AI for transform service delivery

AI in development increases productivity through easy automation of processes, accelerating service delivery and enhancing the customer satisfaction.

We use artificial intelligence led automation to deliver flexible digital technology solutions at dramatically lower cost and substantially faster speed. The application’s unique requirement modelling and automated application development approach fundamentally simplifies the process and further eliminate simple but strenuous programming, which will allow prioritizing more complex project tasks.

Language education through scalable AI technology

Empowered an #SDG4 implementation partner who provide quality language education across seven countries on three continents, touching the lives of over 5 million students

AI powered Plug-ins available on Microsoft Word, Outlook and Google Chrome take your writing to the next level with over 500 error checks, insights on the quality of your writing and automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing.